Frequently asked questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask anything if you do not find what you are looking for down below. Down below are frequently asked questions that can explain how and why Lizzy’s Lizards does things a certain way.

Lizzy’s Lizards only accepts family and friends payment methods for a few reasons. When using other methods, such as goods and services, the payment can randomly be held for up to 21 days. This would interfere with timely refunds and complications of not being able to access funds for shipping costs.

Lizzy’s Lizards does offer refunds in certain circumstances including DOA (death upon arrive) and transaction cancelation prior to a purchased shipping label. Lizzy’s Lizards does not offer returns or refunds in any other circumstances.

Once you take your animal out of its shipping box, place your animal in its enclosure and leave it alone for the first 24 hours to lessen stress levels. Make sure to have water available. Offer food after 24 hours. Wait until the gecko has settled in before handling. 

Adult Minimum Enclosure Size is a 12x12x18

Temperatures between 75F-82F and do not require any additional heating or UVB.

Higher Humidity around 60%-85%

These geckos are semi-arboreal and require more vertical space rather than horizontal. Provide plenty of climbing objects like cork bark, artificial plants and vines.