About Hayden Boller

Growing up in a small town in Kansas there isn’t much to do. As kids we caught frogs in our backyard, caught minnows at the lake, and doing anything outdoors. Interacting with local wildlife as a child was the gateway to one of my passions that lead me to create Lizzy’s Lizards. when I was 16 years old i decided to get my first Crested gecko. Once I got one I wanted to learn more about them and Decided to get more. Being so intrigued by every aspect of the New Caledonian Gecko Species lead me to discover the genetics, market, and stages of life of the New Caledonian Geckos. i began small by deciding to breed a single pair of high quality Crested geckos. i quickly found out I absolutely loved the whole process of watching an egg go from just an egg to a whole new life. As I Grew my business my passion of wanting to share and provide good quality captive bred New Caledonian geckos also grew. I hope to share and educate about these wonderful creatures with my Community. Starting a business in your bedroom, in my parents house, while attending college has been challenging. All of the money I have made from part-time jobs goes straight into providing the best care and habitats for all my reptiles. by purchasing from my business you will be supporting a small business that truly loves , cares, and respects all the animals that are in my care. Any Profit From Lizzy’s Lizards is providing food, decor , enrichment, and habitats needed to continue Lizzy’s Lizards.

“I truly appreciate all the support and business I receive. Without you my business would not be a success. Thank You!” – Hayden Boller

Lizzy’s Lizards was founded in 2021 by Hayden Boller.